Cruickshank - Intellectual Property Attorneys

In the modern, globalised business economy, protection and progress are the key features of any successful enterprise. Your company needs to protect its most valuable assets in order to succeed, which is why you need an experienced and expert partner to advise on and implement your IP strategy.
Cruickshank Intellectual Property Attorneys offers a highly experienced team of professionals, who combine a broad range of specific, specialised skillsets. Building on eight decades' experience, over the past eighty years we have focused on helping our client companies to profit from their Intellectual Property.
We offer our clients in-depth understanding - not only of your technology but of its value to your business, your vision and your commercial requirements, from cost-effectiveness to profit. Cruikshank Intellectual Property Attorneys specialise in Patents, Trade marks and Registered design.

Our clients include some of the most cutting-edge companies in the world, each one a leader in technological innovation. As they can attest, we offer your business a successful partnership based on honest appraisals, expert knowledge and solid commercial acumen.

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